Accumulated Trademark Registration Certificates in China Issued Jun 10, 2016

The to-be-issued trademark registration certificates accumulated have been issued recently. In April this year, media made reports about the trademark registration certificate issuance being delayed. State Administration for Industry and Commerce...

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Criteria of Joint Creator for Utility Model in Taiwan Jun 10, 2016

A person substantially contributes to partial claims of a utility model in Taiwan shall be considered as a joint creator, instead of the creator of the utility model patent.

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Seven Measures Provided for In-Depth Service Apr 10, 2016

For providing a more convenient trademark registration service and encouraging innovation, Trademark Office sets up seven service measures.

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China Trademark Certificate Issuance before End of May Apr 10, 2016

The State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the People’s Republic of China announces on April 7th that certificates for all the approved trademark registration are to be issued before the end of May. Due to the lack of the specific paper...

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Comparison Table of Cross-Strait Groupings for Similar Goods and Services Published by TIPO Apr 10, 2016

TIPO published an updated version of similar goods and services comparison table, which is established in accordance with the 2016 Nice Classification (NCL), tenth edition. Cross-Strait groupings of similar goods and services are amended for...

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Criteria of Joint Inventor Recognition Apr 10, 2016

A joint inventor should substantially contribute to the any of claims of an invention. As for a composition invention, an inventor shall substantially contribute to the specific structure or the preparing method of the composition. One who merely...

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Patent and Trademark Application of 2015 in Taiwan Announced by TIPO Feb 10, 2016

A total of 73,627 patent applications are filed to TIPO in 2015, which is lower than the number of last year by 5.6 %. With regard to invention patent, 44,415 applications are filed, which keeps lowering for 3 years in a row, mainly in the number filed...

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MOU on PDX Signed between Taiwan and Korea Feb 10, 2016

After the electronic exchange of priority documents (PDX) between Taiwan and Japan is conducted, Taiwan signed and MOU on PDX program with Korea on June 15, 2015. The PDX program between Taiwan and Korea is activated on January 1, 2016, representing...

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Patent Administrative Law Enforcement in China in 2015 Feb 10, 2016

Based on the announcement of SIPO representative, a total of 35,884 patent administrative law enforcement cases are handled by the IPR system in 2015, up by 46.4% from 2014, indicating a consecutive growth for 5 years in a row.

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