Newsletter Dec 10, 2016

2016 National Invention and Creation Award hosted by TIPO

After four months examination, the Ministry of Economic Affairs Intellectual Property Office has selected 44 outstanding patents from 474 selected cases. Among them, many patents are jointly developed by industry, academy and research institute and cover a wide range of industries, including green energy technology, pharmaceutical biotechnology, smart machinery, national defense science and technology and other industries.

On the aspect of commercialization of patented invention, the ratio of technology transfer or licensing to domestic and foreign companies is higher than previous year. It is obvious that the result of cooperation which is promoted by government among the industry, academy and research institute has not only highly practical value, but potential market value. 

Regarding to the invention part, for example, Sitronix’s patent “Driver circuit of display panel for saving circuit area” is about providing the supply voltage to the plural driving units of the display panel by means of the plural voltage booster units, and the area of the external storage capacitor is reduced. Moreover, the external storage capacitor could be even saved. Another example is “Pyrazole compounds” patent, which is based on the discovery that certain pyrazole compounds are effective in treating peripheral CB1 receptor mediated disorders and characterized by the pyrazole ring as the core skeleton of the derivatives. By the adjustment and optimization of the molecular structure, it can significantly improve the insulin resistance and contribute to diabetes treatment in the future.

Regarding to the creation part, various technologies have been selected, such as screening machine, which assists small farmers in screening agricultural products by its sizes and appearance’s quality, one-button start-up/off motorcycles, fixers for enhancing the quality of  building process of architectures, and portable air condition units etc.



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