A trademark is a sign to identify the goods or services offered by an individual or a company, which shall refer to any sign with distinctiveness.

The Types of TrademarksTraditional Trademarks:
A mark used in goods and/or services, in order to enables consumers to identify the source of goods or services.
Collective Trademarks:
A mark registered in the name of any association, group or other organization in order to be used by the members thereof to indicate their membership of such organizations.
Collective Membership Marks:
A mark registered by any organization capable of supervising certain goods or services and used by entities or individual persons outside the organization for their goods or services to certify the origin, material, and mode of manufacture, quality or other characteristics of the goods or services.


Formality Examination and Substantive Examination

Patent Term

Trademark Term

10 years from the filing date

International Priority

International Priority

Within 6 months from the first filing date

Patent Annuities

Trademark Maintenance 

The term is extendable within one(1) year before the expiration date

  • An applicant-signed Power of Attorney 
    (No legalization or notarization is needed; color scanned copy is sufficient but to be on the safe side, please also send us the original document; we will prepare this form for you once the filing particulars are provided)
  • Name, address of the applicant (as well as name, position of the applicant’s representative (person who executed the POA), if the applicant is an organization)
  • Copy of Business Registration Certificate, if the applicant is an organization, or 
    Passport copy, if the applicant is an individual
  • An image file of the trademark (in jpg, png, or pdf format)
  • International classification and specification of designated goods/services*


* The China Trademark Office adopts its own classification but it also accepts the Nice Classification.

Flowchart of Trademark Examination and Administrative Appeal